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Process Compliance
GPC Electronics already has RoHS manufacturing processes (SMT, machine and hand soldering) qualified and ready to support our customers to transition their products to be RoHS compliance. GPC runs a colour coded visual system of compliance in the production areas involved to ensure heightened awareness and to reduce the risk of contamination.

Component Compliance
GPC Electronics works with customers to covert their BoMs to RoHS components. Information is gathered from our vendors and recommendations are made on RoHS compliant equivalents and/or alternatives components. These are backed up by compliance documentation obtained from the suppliers by GPC Electronics. Our information system is set up to distinguish RoHS from non-RoHS throughout GPC Electronics material management process chain.

Extra Resources
During the transition to RoHS GPC Electronics helps to source and manage the material for customers to minimise their exposure to non-RoHS components.

Data Management
GPC Electronics information systems are set up for managing all relevant data needed for demonstrating RoHS compliance.