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GPC New Zealand's 1st birthday

Christchurch - September 2001

GPC Electronics (NZ) Ltd celebrates its 1st birthday with growth. GPC Electronics NZ Ltd. has just completed its first year of operation in NZ, during which it has successfully grown to become New Zealand's leading independent contract electronics manufacturer.

Staff numbers at GPC Electronics (NZ) Ltd have increased, adding to Christchurch's burgeoning electronic industry. Mr Lynn went on to say; "Our customer base has grown significantly, as knowledge of our capabilities has spread, largely through word of mouth.

"To keep up with the demand for our surface mount capability, we recently installed a new, high-speed, Siemens Siplace SMT line which significantly increased our capacity a further 38,000 components/hour in that area."

GPC Electronics (NZ) Ltd has just capped its first year off with further investment, to secure future success, by moving into a new, custom built, 1850 sq m manufacturing facility.

"We have taken the opportunity to streamline our manufacturing processes. However we are continually reviewing our processes to maximise efficiency and reduce costs. Our aim is to deliver the most cost effective product to our customers. The extra space will allow us to expand to meet our customer needs," Robyn McKenzie Production Manager said.

Murray Lynn added, "Our aim is to integrate into our customer's supply chain, taking care of all operational aspects of manufacturing electronic products, allowing our customers more time to focus on the design and marketing of their products."

GPC Electronics (NZ) Ltd. is wholly owned by GPC Electronics (Australasia's leading contract electronics manufacturer).

GPC Electronics NZ Ltd. provides full turnkey product manufacturing including: - project management, design for manufacture and test, material sourcing, supply chain management, printed circuit assembly, final product assembly, mechanical assembly, system integration and testing, spare parts management, prototyping, after-sales product support, box build and distribution.

About GPC Electronics
GPC Electronics is an electronics contract manufacturer based in Penrith (Sydney) Australia. Additional manufacturing sites are in Christchurch (New Zealand) and Shenzhen (China). The company produces complex electronics equipment for leading global corporations. Rather than simply following customer instructions to build products, GPC Electronics helps its customers to achieve their strategic goals through greater responsiveness, overall lower cost and improved flexibility.

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