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SMT Assembly

GPC Electronics operates SMT equipment for both high volume and high mix assembly.

SMT capability
  • RoHS compliant?           Yes 
  • High Volume                  Up to 5M placements per day
  • High mix                        Up to 12 changeovers per day per line  (What does this mean for you?)

  • Component Technologies
o BGA: Up to 1500 pins
o microBGA
o Fine pitch: 300 micron (0.012 in)
o Largest component: 55 x 55 mm
o Chip components: 0402, 0201
o Max PCB panel size: 460 mm x 460 mm
o Flexible PCBs: Yes

SMT Equipment

  • Siemens Siplace S15
  • Siemens Siplace S20
  • Mydata MY19
  • Mydata MY12
  • Mydata M9
  • Yamaha YSM20